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[Engsub] Club Friday The Series - Love and Belief: Love Matching -  Duang Somphong

[Engsub] Club Friday The Series - Love and Belief: Love Matching

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Duang Somphong

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Thái Lan
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It's a love story between Pai, a beautiful chef, and Ping, a superstitious man. Normally, the girl is usually the superstitious one in the relationship, but it's the other way around with Pai and Ping. Ping has a friend called Jingjai, who is an amateur fortune teller. Jingjai reads Ping and Pai's fortune and says they will grow old together.

Due to Ping's interest in superstition, Ping spends his time with Jingjai and uses superstition to solve every problem in his life. Meanwhile, Pai, who doesn't believe in superstition, doesn't want to meddle in Ping's belief. However, Ping's belief is starting to cause big problems to their relationship. What's going to happen to the compatible couple of Pai and Ping? And what are they going to do when the secret lover is a fortune teller? They must choose between love and belief, and compatibility and the urge to steal someone's lover. What will be the outcome of this superstitious love triangle?

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